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Happiest woman alive

I met my boyfriend, Cameron, freshman year of high school. We never talked, but we both noticed eachother. When 10th grade started, he sat in the seat in front of mine in bio class. One day, he started talking to me. He could make me laugh at all of his jokes (even though they are corny!). One day, he told me I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Nobody had EVER called me beautiful. He made me feels so special.
In November, he asked me out. I was so scared because he was my first boyfriend. On our first date we went to see Twilight, even though it wasn't his first choice! During the movie he leaned over and kissed my neck, then our noses touched and i looked into his deep blue eyes. He kissed me right on the lips, and it was the best feeling in the world! After that day, I invited him to meet my parents. It was a hard thing to to, but I love him and I knew it had to be done. We found out that we both love to cook and we make dinner together every weekend!
One night, we were lying on his bed during a thunderstorm. He held me tight as the rain hit the pavement. At that momoent, we knew that we were soulmates. He promised to be with me forever and to hold my heart with so much care.
Cameron cares about me more than anyone I know. He will put his ear to my chest just to feel my heartbeat. He wells up with tears when I smile. He holds me in his arms when I just can't take life anymore. Cameron and I support eachother. I make him lunch, and help him in school. He has lost 70 pounds and I support him through eveything. It's not easy, but I love Cameron and I can't wait to be his wife. We are getting married when I turn 18 in June of 2011. We are planning a small ceramony because we dont have much money for a wedding and we just want to be married. Cameron is the man that some women wait lifetimes for. He is the man that makes me feel like the happiest woman alive!


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