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He said yes

Love.. i have never really understood the meaning. In school, i used to love this one boy. he didnt know. i liked it that way. i didnt tell my friends, coz i didnt want it to sunddenly go around and then him knowing. School went fast, especially year 8. We used to sit next to eachover in maths. he'd always make me laugh. he was just naturally funny. whenever i saw him, it would be like a sun shone brightly. and when he went, it would be like the sun had gone. I was single, so was he. we had became closer, and i like us how we were. i still liked him though. and no-one knew. every day, when i got back from school, i would go on msn, and he would be on to. we would have the same usual convosation. i would say hi, he would too. id ask him how he was, he was fine, he'd ask me, and i would say im fine. but i never was. every time i would say i was fine, and act like nothing was wrong, a pain in the side of my stomach was growing. i loved him. going out or not, i would always love him. he would be the only person to take up my heart. only him. More days passed, and on Thursday, 7th May, 2009, i dont something i always look back too, and think to my self, im so proud of my-self. because i got back from school. and we would have our usual convosation. I started to type somethong in on the conmputer, to send to him. but before i even thought of sending it, i had to somehow boost my confidence up. so i put on one of my favourite songs on, Fearless by Taylor Swift. I went back onto our convosation, and i closed my eyes, and clicked send. and what i had wrotten to him was.. '....., will you go out with me.' I quickly went onto my mates convo, and started talking about random stuff. i knew he was going to say no, so .. i didnt really get my hopes up. and then his convosation started bleeping, he sent me a message. i took a deep breath. Fearless still playing, i opened it up. and he said yes. i was shocked. i asked him if he was lying and this is what he wrote .. '......, I have always fancied you. in maths, you would brighten up my day. i fancied you from day one fo year 8. you and only you. i was going to ask you out 4 times before, but never really had the guts. so yeah, of course i will.' I couldnt belive my-self.
So. now were going out. i wouldnt say were the best couples. because im a bit frigid. i kiss him, but i havent got hold of him. i dont wether to or not, but that doesnt matter, because we both love eavhover, and as long as we both are still together in years to come, then that would be just fine. :)


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