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That haunts me

It seems that sunny days are when i miss you the most. When the sunlight hits my face...i can feel your arms wrapped so tight around me..i was in love with you. It all seems like so long ago..yet i remember it so well. I've heard you have someone new, and that you and her are moving in together. I felt anger and jealousy flash through me before i could realize that a part of me still wants you. Whats hurts the most is looking back knowing that i loved you too much. What hurts the most is watching you walk away..not saying what i wanted to. Deep down i know that you are better as a memory. I havent seen you since you've come back..i dont want to. Sometimes i get so mad, but i cant deny what i felt for you. Every now and then i let my heart drift back and me at lake holding hands, kissing by the water, God i was so in love..that was the best day of life. and the last time we would ever be like that again. I feel cheated. I feel abandoned. because i was cheated. i was abandoned. i trusted you, you were the one person who could make me feel alright. i gave you my everything, and you just took off with it. What hurts the knowing i truly loved you and we will never be what we should of been.That haunts me every single day.


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