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He said "I love you"

My boyfriend and I met in kindergarten, and were friends in our elementary school years. However I moved overseas and I did not see or hear from him until the end of our freshman year of high school. I liked him immeditly and I loved his brown eyes, the way he treated his mom and sister, and how he was such a gentleman but knew how to joke around. We became best friends and kept in close contanct for two years. In the fall of my junior year , I had to come home on emerbency furlough and we saw eachother for the frist time! We hung out several times and called eachother. Please keep in mind that I had this HUGE crush on him. He asked me as a friend to his banquet and I course said yes. I realized that he was dropping hints, but I wasn't sure if it was my head or he was being sweet. I really wanted to ask him to prom, but I was kinda shy, so he just asked me. I could hardly believe it!
On the 6th of April, we hung out at the beach and the movies, it was a lot like a date but we were just best friends. At the end of the day, he was driving me home and he told me that he liked me. I was ESTATIC!!

He picked me up from prom, and I looked beautiful and he looked really handsome. I had had butterflies in my stomach all day long, after I had gotten into the car, he asked me if he could hold my hand. And I basically did not let go. During the frist slow dance, he just pulled me very close. It was a very magical night and it ended with me being in his arms for about five minutes.

We had been going out for about a month and ( and we got into the relasonship pretty seriously) and we were sitting in his car and I went in for a hug and he said " I love you".

I have always wanted to have a high school sweetheart and I totally have one now :)


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