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The way is used to be

Its been 11 months since i last saw you. 6 months since we've spoken. My heart had enough. I couldnt take it anymore. I knew you were cheating and leing. Is it easier for just pretend i dont exist. It it easier for pretend nothing happened between us. That kills me. You broke my heart. I guess this is just your way of getting over me..pretending you never met me. I wonder if someone asked you if you ever dated me..if you'd tell the truth. You made me feel like i wasnt enough, like i was just one of many. But when you wanted could make me feel like we belonged. I did what i had to do..even though i almost died inside because of it. Are you so disgusted that you liked me? You promised me once that you'd prove them all wrong. I feel so humialted still. When i run into your mom..i just want to cry. How can you just walk around, acting like i never meant anything to you? Like you never held me in your arms? Am i that easy to forget...Didnt you know how much i loved you? I miss the way it used to be.


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