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Amazing fireworks

Two years ago, I met my boyfriend before an extracurricular class. I was chasing after a friend of mine to get back one of my library books, when I noticed that she was hiding behind this one guy. I yelled at him to get out of the way, and he simply looked at me flatly, replying with a definite no. I aimed a small kick to the knee, enough to make him want to move out of the way, since it usually worked when most guys refused to move. Well, not only did he dodge me, he nicked me in the thigh with his own foot. Needless to say, we got off on a very bad foot. After figuring out we both were in the same class, and, in school, both had the same group of friends and ate at the same area (I was coming into the highschool) we made it each other's mission to annoy the heck out of each other - be it stealing each other's food, insults, and so on. Eventually, due to the fact both of us were in the same event on a team, and both of us had similar interests and had to tolerate each other to participate in that team, we slowly reduced the insults to mere heckling.

Over time, I start to realize that I was beginning to like this guy, who actually was a nice person once you didn't attack him. A friendship eventually formed, and though we still heckled each other, it was mostly good natured teasing.

Eventually, almost two years after we met, I start to realize I'm liking him in a different way - I'm beginning to crush on him, so to speak. Well, I ignore the crushing as much as I can, brushing it off for just being silly, but after a few weeks after he leaves for a trip one day, I realize I miss him too much to just be a friendly missing. I find myself head over heels, but afraid of making any move whatsoever without him rejecting me - after all, I believed that we were simply good comrades, and our rocky start would not do anything for a love relationship.

Eventually, we get friendlier and friendlier - though we still teased, it'd be intermingled with hugs and kisses on the head - and occasionally, advances that seem like he is about to kiss me, but then brushed off by both parties as simply jokes. Amongst our friends, all believe that we both 'have the hots' for each other, and pester us to begin dating NOW, because this milestone had to be reached by the next millenia, because OMG it's soooo obvious we're crushing on each other!

I just brush it off as the usual friend support for relationships they like. Little did I know...

Well, one day, he invites me to Disneyland, and I have the time of my life - both because I love the amusement park, and being at the very least friends with him. Fast forward, to the time right before the spectacular Wishes fireworks show is about to start. He's hugging me, and I have my head on his shoulder, both talking and joking about with each other. Eventually, he calls my name, and I look up. He quietly looks at me, then, taking the plunge, asks if I would go out with him. I'm sent reeling - after all, I didn't fully believe the stories of this amazing guy liking me back, until now. Realizing the pause in the conversation, I respond with an enthusiastic nodding of my head, a wide grin, and a hug. With a laugh he tells me of his relief of asking this question - apparently, this was thought upon for quite some time.

We both end that day watching the amazing fireworks show, holding hands and cuddling.

We're still together - 2 months and a half later. ;)


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