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I love a girl in my class

27th june 2009
I love a girl in my class.
Actually this started with the reopening of my school. My name is Shrihari. My school reopened on June 3rd 2009 (wednesday) and i was gonna enter into the 11th grade. After finishing my 10th and getting into 11th All the students who were studying previously in my class had been switched to different sections and i was left lonely with 1 or 2 known friends. Then it happened. Two girls who were new to our school entered into our class as their name were in the list. First I had no feelings or anything about the girls and I was silent becuase i had missed all my friends. Somehow I managed and got adjusted in the class. On Friday when the school was almost going to get over,i noticed that one of the new girls started looking at me. Her name is Gomati. At first i thought she was looking at me simply. But she was looking at me for almost like half an hour. Sometimes she would have a chat with her friends and sometimes she would laugh. So I didnt mind about her. The next 2 days were holidays for us.
On monday Everything was normal. I started liking my class and I was carrying well with my works. But I noticed Gomati looking at me for like 5 to 6 times a day. I was puzzled why she was looking at me because she was new to our school and i didn't know anything about her. She started to see me during the class hours. Gradually i started looking at her and i started to like her. Day by day my liking on her grew up. I started to like her smile, her face , her silence and everything and I felt like she is the most woderful girl.Sometimes she would talk happily with her friends and sometimes she would not see me. This added my love to her. I told only one of my best friend about this issue.
Then it happened that they changed all the students again and they shuffled them to different sections. I was shocked a little to see that my name was not in the list where she was in. I was sad because i liked her very much. I noticed that she was also keeping quite for a long time. So from the next day we had to go to different sections. The time passing without looking at her was awful and this added to my love. I began to love her a lot. I wanted my mom to talk to the Principal and i told her to request the Principal to put me the in the class Gomati was in. I didnt actually tell me mom that i am loving a girl. I just gave her a reason that i wanted more competition in my class and i didnt like the students of the new section. The Principal refused because she was strict a little bit and wanted me to do well in the class whereever i was in.
I was really sad and i was not listening to any teachers who were teaching us the lessons. I coudn't understand anything she said and i was really thinking about Gomati. I tried to manage everything by coping everything that i could. During Intervals and Lunch time i started to look at her. Now I was happy that she even looked at me sometime. I thought she liked me and this is being continued till now. We two are in different sections and we like each other as far as i am concerned. Now she looks at me like 6-7 times day. In my school the problem is that boys start teasing and compare with the girl whom i talk or help. But i don't mind about that. I know she likes me and i like her a lot too. She is the most wonderful girl. I am planning to go and talk with her about this issue and get it clarified. Hope She will be my future and i hope she comes and sees this article.


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