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What I deserve

I still love you. I know because i've seen you and your new girlfriend and..i felt my heart break apart. i always though that id do something crazy if i ever saw you out with someone else..but when that moment came..i just stood there..keeping it all locked inside. I see pictures of you..and it feels like my heart is bein squeezed..and thats when i knew..i still love you. Maybe i always will. The days keep coming without fail..she gets to hold you, love you, touch you, kiss you. She gets your attention, she gets to be held in your arms..she gets to call you hers. she gets what i deserve..does she love your laugh..will she put up with all your crap like i did for so long..before you just let me go. Why'd we slip away? why did it all change? she gets to look into your eyes, and i the lies that you told they fall so easily from your lips still? i know you've practiced them a million times. I fell victim to you..but as much i as i shouldnt..i still love you. she gets what i deserve..justin.


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