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Swim team

My first crush was on a boy who was alittle shoter than me and had the cutest face. One day at recess I was just playing teatherball, and he came over to vs. me cause I was the so called undefeatable player. And from that moment I liked him, his line was next to our class line and I knew he always sat at the end of the line so I would take my time walking to the line just to sit by him. I kept it a secret for a couple days and I even asked my brother for advice. On weekends I would be so excited when it came to monday again just to see him again. In the morning my dad used to walk me to line so I would beg my dad not to walk me to line anymore (I was in the 5th grade). I told my friends I liked him that day and I was shocked when they told me "Eww you like him he's ugly!" Lol, I also had friend in his class, so I told her to tell the boy I liked that someone in my class likes him I didnt want him to know it was me yet. The next day I asked my friend what did he do when he she just said he went pink and said uuuhhhh. So then I told her in the morning, I watched her tell him and point to me. I started taking more showers, and spending alittle more time in the morning for him. I knew where he sat at lunch, so I would sit 1 table behide him just to see him at lunch, and I started playing on the field just to be near him. A few days later on a friday he gave me a heart necklace, and told me that he liked me too, and just walked away. I was shocked! But that day me and my best friends got into a fight and then there used to be the three of us but then it was just the 2 of them, so I cried and cried. And my crush at the end of the day was there for me he waited for me outside of my class room and asked what was wrong and made me feel better, he even hugged me. So, then I started hanging out with new people.people he hung out with. And a couple weeks later everyone knew we liked eachother. And people started asking if we were going out.
A couple months later our classes went on feild trip
together his dad came and my mom came. So my mom introduced herself to him so embrassing, and her dad introduced himself to me. We rode a boat on our feild trip and me and my crush sat next to eachother and I fell asleep on his shoulder but he didnt mind. And then few days later school ended, for summer vacation. I joined the swim team just to be with him.


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