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Flooded with pain

I LOVED YOU. with every beat of my heart and breath..I LOVED YOU. But i knew deep down you would eventually leave..and there was nothing i could do. Before the would call me all the time. Its been in the past for so was real and it was right. But it burned to bright to survive. How can i lose you forever? after all the time we spent together. i want to know why..i had to lose you?! You made me smile. i was so happy. I loved your voice..your face..your everything. And then you just kept hurting me..letting me down. I would give out chance after chance. I love the time we spent. i dont wanna hold you if you dont love me. i want you to be happy. So here i am standing out in the rain..flooded with all this pain..knowing its really over. its too late. Am i crazy? we lost it. we had it. we was magic. but we werent meant to be. we just happened. i never wanted you to go. I LOVED YOU. i know ill never hold you, like i did before. i got struck by lightning. i was so stupid to believe you'd never leave. it hurt like hell to give up on you, the one i loved. but you left me no choice. you made it clear by your actions that you wanted nothing to do with me. you just ripped out my broken heart. i wanted to be the one who gets you thru the storm. why'd you leave me alone? flooded with all this pain...its been in the past for awhile i crazy? i still miss you baby


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