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ok, so it was in the 6th grade, i liked this 1 boy a lot, and i had no idea if he liked me back or not, so i acted like i didnt like him. i was dating other guys...which was a pathetic attempt to keep my mind off of this other boy. so me and this boy became friends, we talked during class, summer came and went, i was still dating other guys...and then near the end of 7th grade, this boy tells me he has loved me since 6th grade!!! so i say "oh..." nervously, and 3 months later, im still dating this other guy because i was confused about my life. then 9 weeks before school let out, i told him i like him a lot, he gives me a promise bracelet, i dump the man i was with at that time, who turned out to be enemies with the boy that loved me, and this boy asked me out, then the man i was dating and dumped, asked my bff out, she said no, he felt stupid, blamed me, and then hit my boyfriend for stealing me. all i said was "honey, he had my heart the whole time" and slapped him. its been 2 months and i fall a little more in love each day.


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