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Not a football player

I just got out of a long term relationship which ended VERY badly. I was just wanting to have fun, but one night we went to this guys house and i was soo smitten at just looking at this guy. I knew who he was but i had never really spoken to him before. Half way through the night some how we started talking and we had huge conversations and the night went great. He drove me home and he held my hand the hole drive back. Once we got to my house he leant over for a kiss and it was the most amazing kiss, ive ever had. He couldnt believe how good it was either. From that moment on we hardly left each other alone. I was at his house nearly every night just relaxing with him even if he went away for 15 minutes or was on the other side of the room he'd be sending me a text saying he missed me. Every night before he went to bed he would send me sweet goodnight messages and when i was sick he came over to look after me and he always insited that he had to meet my mum. It was the most amazing feeling to have some one like me this much and it had only been a week and a half.
But i started to notice that he had stopped messaging me and when i wrote to him he would answer blankly. So i went to his house with my best friend, we walked in and i saw him in bed with his ex.. i was shattered, i knew they had a long relationship but i truly thought he really liked me. I had to sit at his house for 3 hours waiting for a lift home in that time he managed to look at me once and smuggly ask if i wanted a breath mint.
I felt sick, i was shaking i couldnt handle another let down.
But i smiled it off.. now a day later, im sitting here missing the kisses and missing snuggling up to him. I miss him so much, just from that little time i spent with him.
His ex has cheated on him once and dumped him because he wasnt a foot ball player, if she does it again im praying he doesnt go back.


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