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Middle school relationships. Lame, right? Well, this is my story. In seventh grade, i wasn't looking for a guy. I was just the band geek with no path. All my friends had beaus, so i figured i would give it a shot. After a few losers, i started noticing this guy that was in a few of my classes. HE WAS A PLAYER! But i figured since he was in some of my classes, he was in band with me, and he was decent looking, i would be after him. So i was..And im not sure if he could tell or not, but soon after, he asked me out. and i said yes, and we went out from october to the end of the year. i broke up with him because i was a horny teenager and i wanted to flirt during summer..he went to my church also, so every time i saw him at church.. he had a girlfriend. and the jealousy in me was RAGING!! but then i decided the break-up was for the better in the end. and i went on to flirt with every other guy in town, yeah that was fun for like a day. but then i thought, whats the point of dating in middle school anyway? i mean its really got no point what so ever.. so i decided i just was NOT gonna date anymore. and sure enough, about the time we started dating in seventh grade, he asked me to homecoming dance. and then asked me out afterwards. it was kinda awkward, because i had to think about it.. but in the end, i said yes. and so we proceeded to date and i realized how miserable i was without him. oh, and by the way.. this WHOLE time, we never ever kissed.. but after like 7 months in eighth grade, we finally did. it was worth the wait. we still had some problems, but we were definitely in love. we fought sometimes, but we were usually seen at every social event together. we had our hearts set on staying together forever. eventually, he put a ring on my finger and now we have 4 cute kids. JUST KIDDING.. we are in high school now:) and things are good for now:) the moral of the story is, go with the flow, surrender your mind to what your heart tells you sometimes;) have fun!


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