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True love is a rare thing

What is true love? Most people think it is when two people fall for eachother and can't be without eachother, and use words like "marry me" and "I'll always love you." when they are just teenagers. Those people think with absolute certainty that the relationship will last forever, are only fooling themselves. The truth is, no one knows what will happen. The people with sense know that something could go wrong at any time, or that they may simply wake up one day and not be in love anymore.
True love is friendship; only deeper. True love is being able to be yourself around your partner, not having to hide anything from them, not having to lie or cheat to protect the relationship, and knowing that they will forgive you for any wrong-doings. Without honesty or understanding, true love can never exist.
True love is a suprisingly rare thing.
Whoever is reading this, I hope you succeed. If you like someone but are too afraid to tell them, just go for it. It's amazing how often the other person likes you back.
Everything will be OK in the end, I promise.

Good luck.


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