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Unlocked something within me

-I was always the shy type, the one who looked and never said anything. I came from a series of bad relationships, but with every relationship I always wished that he was the one I was with. I remained innocent with my virginity and my words locked within me.
He became my brothers friend in 5th grade and I was in the 3rd back then. He saw me grow, transform the way I looked at the world, myself and the people around me. From the little girl scared to speak her mind, to the teenager that locks emotions inside, instead of words.

I graduated from the 8th grade, and that summer became the summer that we really began to bond. We talked day and night on the phone & when we weren't talking, we were on aim send instant messages to eachother. I was happy & my feelings took another route. I no longer could control the way my heart felt, the warm feeling, the smiles he drew, and with no ands, ors, ifs, or buts, I knew I was in love with him.
I became a freshman and we continued to talk ; he was my brothers friend and I didn't want to mess up the bond that they shared. I was his friends sister and was afraid of the things that would change between them. We continued to talk and even now as a future sophomore, we continue to talk. He's now 17 years old and I'm 15 ; we share a bond beyond love and we are now more than friends. With every conversation, every word and every smile he's drawn my heart continues to be his; and now I'm no longer afraid to show my emotions to the world. He has unlocked something within me that's stronger than any of us could control. Ilovehim ! -Lissa Dee.


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