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Holding on, letting go

Another day in July, a single tear falls from my eye. A year from the day you said "goodbye" Im still holding onto our tomorrow. I know deep down that i still love you, if you could see me now..would you be able to tell that my heart still beats for you? I know its crazy because your with her now..but when its real its forever. But i also know that even if i ran after you that august day, it wouldnt of mattered what i said or were already gone. You must of touched a place in my heart so deep, i cant shake you even today. There are no pictures of you, i threw them all away a long time ago. But your in my heart..whether i like it or not. Years go by, the memories remain. Just know that she will never love you like i do. I wished i would of held you a little longer that day. i dont cry anymore, on the outside. Sometimes i lay on my floor..just remembering everything..even though the memories are bittersweet and haunted..they provide familiar comfort..because your memory is breaking my heart and no one knows. I wish you knew that i've been holding on while you've been letting go. I let the memories come over me, guess im crazy. love is all that matters after all.
i will always love you.


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