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Trust your love

This girl i love very much and have known for at least 6-7 years didn't have the best dating history. She got around a lot. Not sexually but still..anyway one day one of her good friends i have a class with was talking to me about her night. When i brought up my night and how i mentioned me and her friend had hung out and hooked up like we usually do she got up set with me. She began to unload all of these stories about how she is a major hoe and how just that day she had told her and two other friends that the only reason she likes me is the attention i give her on a daily basis. Being this was her friend i believed everything she was saying. I began asking some old friends of mine that knew my girl and they also said she still gets around a lot. As you can imagine i was furious. I called her and was all mad and yelling and eventually calmed down. (Im naturally a calm person) And slowly we began to talk. Evidently that friend of hers who told me the stories likes me and is jealous of her,and the old friends of mine she doesn't hang out with anymore. I was still a little reluctant. I asked some people that i knew she hangs out with regularly but are more my friends then hers. They said she actually is quite the opposite. She pushes guys away like crazy and says she already loves someone else. I called the girl back and apologized for not trusting in her countless times. I sent her roses everyday for a week. Moral is trust your lover, but above all trust your love.


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