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Never been happier

From the age of 10 my brother and I were travelling too and from london where the majority of our friends and family live. Spending most of the time in soho, not the nicest place to be! By day it was tourist land and by night it was home to the escourt trade. By the time I was 16 I was well known in the neighbourhood and had as good as moved to london. My excessive drug use was devouring my life and causing of to do anything for money . One tuesday i was working the street when i came across lily. Lily was a american student studying at st narys medical school. I noticed lily on a few occasions she always word the same pair of worn vans pumps the type that you can tell are comfortable when you look at them. Over a period of 12 weeks I watched lily as she found the confidence to ask. Over this time i fell in love with her . Her ice blue eyes - the way her more rose slightly when it was cold but most of all her smile . It was the type of smile you couldn't turn down. The first time we had sex i charged her 50 my usual rate but as the weeks when on her visits became more frequent and the sex better and better for the first time since primary school i was physicaly and mentaly attracted too, she slowly became my only client as I couldn't face sex with another person and also i was so busy in love i didnt realise i hadn't charged her for 3 months . It was at this time that it became more than sex. We went out for meals we went to the movies. After 2 years i moved in with lily and got a job in a restaurant. Now a year on im 20 me and lily are still together and i hope i can speak for both of us when i say i have never been happier !


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