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Most amazing thing in the world

so it started in 8th grade and it was pretty much unrecognized love at first sight. She was a new girl and i was just a normal party/troublemaking kinda kid. I knew there was a weird connection between us, but her being a girl i didn't want to admit that it was a love connection. By freshman and sophomore year i can to my sense and we started dating, but then everything got all messed up and parents got involved in it and it turned into a horrible mess and we wern't aloud to talk, under our parents consent. so we started seeing other people or atleast i did. I wasn't ready to open up and be in love with someone, so i tried to convience myself that it was just a stupid highschool fling. But i couldn't stop thinking about her, like seriously. She was just so amazing i got butterflies when i was around her. and got this feeling that i can;t really explain like when we hold each other its just like no one's around and its just us and time stops i guess. i Finally came to my sense by the en of sophmore year and realized she's the one for me. And if it turns out to be a stupid highschool fling, then hey thats life, but i don;t think it is becuase i don't think anyone could feel this way about a person and let them go. And still to this day i can;t stop thinking about her, every chance i get i see her even though my parents would kill me if they knew and her parents would like run me over with their car. She the most amazing thing in the world and i don't know what i would do without her. <3


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