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Pinky promise

i believe i've fallen in love many times. not just once.
there is more than one love.
for so long the one thing i've wanted in my life and for it to remain in my life, was and still is. love.
i dont think i could live without it to be honest. its the one thing i know has always gone wrong in peoples lives around me. my mums, best friends and my dads until last weekend when he was married to someone he's been with for 14 years!
anyway back to my story this guy im with now amazing. fate. true love. im actually ready to settle down after having 53 relationships in the past 5 years! and im only 16! im not tlaking about just liking someone here im actually talking about relationships....i cheated. and only realised after how wrong it was. i love the guy im with right now. because i am my minds opened up to the relationships i've had before, love is something i've messed up so many times before and i know i could never go back to change. i used to cry over hopeless guys, even worse let them screw me over while i was doing the same and still feel like i was treated like crap.

now what im trying to get at is that when someone enters into a relationship there will always be some inkling of love....ALWAYS! even if you can't feel it. true love can only be found through friendship some people say others say it could be love at first site. i believe if you feel strong about it, itcan happen any which way you choose.

i've found it and i swear on god name that i've been through them all. true love is more than. but this this is the real deal now.

good luck to you all who want it and you will find it.

pinky promise xxx


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