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It was love

He just came up to me and my group of friends and said hi. Then we just started hanging out a lot. We even talked on the phone. But in Feb i had a boyfriend my first. And i thought i was in love with him but he only wanted me for sex. SO i broke up with him and then on the phone he told me "I like you" and i dont know my heart was racing. I said i liked him though only a little. And i liked someone else more. I was going out with the guy i really liked and thought i was in love. BUt we broke up cuz he never showed he cared. SO after that i knew i didnt know what love was, and i thought i was never going to find it. But one day during this summer i was thinking about the guy who told me he liked me. He tried to go out with girls but he told me he couldnt stop thinking about me. Now i feel so strongly for him. I believed that i couldnt find someone out there as good as him. And i believe that we all belong with one person and he just came up to me. Love found me . One day he told me he loved me and then i actually felt a strong feeling i never felt before. I wanted to cry becuz i felt this feeling. It was love.


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