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No address in the stars

I ran across your picture today. I thought i threw them all away a long time ago. It stopped me cold. My blood ran cold and my breathing became very short. To my surprise i felt tears on my face. Its been so long. I write these letters to you, cry these tears in the dark. But its no use, because there is no address in the stars. It just breaks my heart. What do i do with all these words i need to say to you. Everyone told me that all i'd need would be time, but i wake up in the morning and it hits me again, and that ain't nothin but a damn lie. It breaks my heart, to write these letters to you, and cry these tears in the dark. I dont know what to do without you here with me. You stole my heart like a thief. And you took it with you when you left this earth. Its just not fair. I need to hear your voice..i just want to hear your voice. there's no address in the stars, and it breaks my heart. crying these tears in the dark. I reach out to you in my dreams, and i wake up screaming your name. the morning rolls in and it hits me again--your gone and never coming back. There is so much i want to tell you everyday. Crying these tears in the dark..there is no address in the stars. i miss you baby. I'd give anything just to talk to you again.


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