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Can't stop thinking of him

ok,well my grandpa is the president of the bandclub in mscala.and we re always there because of him of trying 2 help 4 d feast,me and my cousin was crazy about this boy he was 16 years old ,hes d playboy of m scala.One night my when i was telling my friend about she saw him and she went to ask him about my cousin and he said yes,ill go out with her but suddenly when i call my cousin she told me that she dating someone but told me to ask him his number ,so i did and told him that she ll text him and i left.that night at about 1 am i texted him and said,''hi ******,did she texted you iam casey''he said no the day after that my cousin texted me and told me that shes not goin out with him and that she would like me 2 go instead and he was texting me all day and from that day he was texting me all day everyday and i was so happy when he asked me out i was d happiest girl ever and suddenly we were going out for about 2months
but we broke up cause of we didnt trust each other :( ,now its been 2 years and i till love him with all my heart and i ve with about 10 boys after him in a relationship but i always break up with them of him even though i know that they loved me so much but i can t stop thinking about him


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