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Never stopped loving

1 year and 7 months ago. I met you, and i can still remember the thrill that went through me when you smiled at me. I didn't even know it yet, but i was already falling for you. Now i wish i could go back and warn myself..of what was to come. How loving you and then losing you would forever change me. You've been out of my life now for 6 months. And i really wish i could say that i dont miss you and i dont think about you. And i wish i could say that i dont wish i could talk to you, and i wish i could say that i dont still love you..bc i do. Ever since you've been gone, my world is nothing but grey. i've been a mess. I keep hoping that in the morning..i'll wake up and i'll be alright again..but i still wake up every morning and the first thing i wish i could see is your face. I keep breathing and my broken heart keeps beating..hoping maybe you'll come back. I'll see someone who looks like you and my breathing stops for a moment and then i realize its not you. I had so many dreams about you and me..and i dont know what to do with all i still need to say to you. Truth is: i have never stopped loving you. xoxo


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