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Always my first love

from the day i started talking to you something changed in me its like i had became someone new u made me love me and the person i am for that i will never be able to thank u enough i fell in love with you so fast and i was scared of being hurt again i mean i knw thats no reason i shouldent of met u but idk i was dumb and i knw i hurt u and dont say i dident cuzz i knw i did i hate myself for that and always will im not righting this to mess with you or s***** or anything i jus felt like i had to say somethings the truth is im happy for you i can tell you love her and your baby and all i want is for you to be happy and if she does that then im fine you told me once that i need to move on and get on with my life and i said no because i love you and when that is true and always will be i knw we will never be it hurts alot but i have to try and get on jus like you do and hope you get all you ever wanted in life and in your family i jus wanted to thank you for everything i was a kid when we first started talking and i dident even knw what i wanted but now im different i knw what i want in life i mean im going to school to be a teacher and in love well i knw it may take awile to find what i want in that but you will always be my first love so thank you and im always here for you


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