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I still love him

One day when I was with my cousin, she was texting a boy (they had NO interest in eachother), and her phone died. So we started to text him from mine and then it turned into just me texting him....We did't have much in common, but supprisingly had a great time whenever we were together! Then about a week later he called me an told me he liked me and maybe even loved me! I was so happy, for the couple weeks after that all we did was text, call, and hangout with eachother! Then he moved and stopped talking too me and I didn't hear from him for 3 weeks. When we finally got to talk, he told me he didn't like me but just didn't want to tell me. (He tore my heart into pieces). We stopped talking again, an yesterday he finally talked to me again, an I told him I still loved him And he said he still loved me!! I wanted him to ask me out, but he didn't, so I asked him. I thought I would get a yes considering he loved me, but he said "I don't know", and won't talk to me. And I still love him even though he's broken my heart so many times...


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