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My heart still calls for you

I loved him. Yeah, I can say at age 15, I loved him. He was my whole world. An he knew. But he didn't feel the same. But one day, he told me he might love me back. I was so happy I cried that night. He said he loved me, he kissed me,he held my hand, rubbed my arms an legs, he showed me love no one ever had before. But then he told me it was all a lie. That he just wanted to make me happy. That the reason he did it was because I was so uncertain. I wish I could go back an fix the "screw ups" you said I made. I wish you were still here. I can never forget what happened. I wish you still loved me. I really do. My heart still calls for you, I dream of you, I think of you everyday in class, I can never keep my eyes off you. I LOVE you. With all I am...


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