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Almost tragic night

My boyfriend and I had just started dating at the time and I had fallen in love with him but I hadn't told him yet. He wasn't just my boyfriend but he's my best friend. He was there after my mom had died and after a bad breakup. The crazy thing was we only had met once and exchanged numbers but we talked on the phone everyday.

It had been a few months into the relationship and I wanted to tell him that I loved him but I was nervous to even though he had already told me. One night I was on my way to see him on my lunch break and we were on the phone talking (I had my bluetooth). When I had gotten into a real bad accident and he heard the whole thing and heard me screaming before the phone died.

My car ended up totaled and I wasn't severely injured luckily. He managed to find me by some miracle and was the first person there. As the police pulled me out of the car, he hugged me and just kept saying he was grateful I wasn't hurt or killed and that he loved me. I just broke down in tears because he was there for me.

My family eventually showed up and wanted to take me home but he offered to bring me home the next day since we were close to his house. So I went with him and after we got everything done, we were sitting in his room and he broke down and held me telling that hearing me scream and the crash was the worse thing he could have possible felt because he didn't know if I was ok or worse, dead.

I felt like I didn't tell him that I loved him at that time then I may not have another time and he wouldn't have ever known that I loved him and that he was the one person who I could trust, love and just feel happy with.

I finally told him that I loved him and that he was such a great boyfriend and that he has helped improve and made my life better and happier. Though I was a bit bruised up, we made love to each that night and everything good I felt for him was shown that night.

That was 2 years ago, since that almost tragic night. We are now engaged and we have had our ups and downs but for the most part, I know he loves me. I have a few scars from the accident so once in awhile, he looks at my scars and he tells me how he remembers how an accident brought us closer together.


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