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I moved to a whole new state. Some girls invited me to hang out in the town square on a Friday night. We walked around for awhile, introducing me to people I didn't know. Then 10, 10:30 pm rolled by. Everyone felt bad leaving me in town at night at 11 pm but I told them not to apologize; I knew my mom would get my voicemail and come pick me up soon..hopefully. Some weird homeless people strolled by and it scared me a little bit, so I slipped into the movie theater and stood on the other side of the locked glass doors staring out watching for my mother.
Then, a group of guys walked by. One caught my eye, he waved to me, and I waved back. Excited, he, walked over to the glass doors and tried to tell me to come outside. I said no, haha. Then he typed his phone number into his phone and placed it to the window. I mouthed to him 'what's your name?' and then he blew his hot breath on the glass and drew DOM on the window. It was cute, that's how we met and I've been pretty much inlove with him ever since.


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