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Keep my head up

Well, it all begins during the school year. I have never met him until one special day! I was hanging out with his cousin, The first time i hung out with him officially i knew he could be the one i would wanna be with. Well it came to valentines day and he had asked me out, It was the most special thing someone has ever done to me! Everytime i was with him, there was an automatic smile that brightened my face :). It seemed like he was very happy too. We were dating for about 4 months when our relationship was getting kind of on the bumpy road, I really didnt want it to end up like this but it happened and i dont know why. I tried making everything perfect since it was my first love so i wanted everything to be how i ever dreamed. But i guess its not what he wanted. I dont know what i did but another girl stepped in our relationship. I didnt wanna expect anything but i let it go. I really didnt know what to do since i loved him with all my heart. When it came to the fifth month Things got worse! I loved him with all my heart but i guess i was not good enough. It made me very sad when he was becoming the worst boyfriend ever, He acted like he didnt care about me, and didnt love me. I just didnt know what to think or expect, I was lost. I really wanted to stay with him cause i loved him but he let me go. It was summer and i was going to California and he broke up with me on vacation. I was VERY sad and i didnt know what to do with my life. I really wanted to hurt myself in someway but i didnt cause i knew he wasn't worth my tears or my life anymore. I really do still love him till the day im living now.. I have tried everything to get him back but he doesnt want a relationship i guess right now. It hurts knowing i wake up everyday with him not being my boyfriend or my man. I hate to think that he thinks of me as only his friend. I dont know what to do anymore. But i guess i will have to keep my head up and see what happens. I love You!! <3


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