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Found my other half

I've been in my share of serious relationships, but I was in a relationship with the best looking, smartest, funniest, most outgoing, and valedictorian at my college. We can call him Jack. After going through everything with him, I began to realize he didn't really love me. Aside from how he seemed to be Mr. Perfect, I also had a really good friend who was always there for me through all of the hard times. We'll call my good friend, Robbie. As I watched Jack, who claimed he was in love with me, go out to lunch with other girls, party with other girls, and later having he cheat on me...I was hurt very bad. Jack and I broke up. Unfortunately I didn't realize it was supposed to be Robbie I was with the entire time. I never saw the signs, and I didn't see how perfect Robbie would have been for me. Now, Robbie is in a different state where he has joined the Air Force. Of course, I miss him. However, the twist to my story hasn't been revealed just yet.
Robbie wrote to me once a week for 3 months, as my friend. Then as soon as he got out of basic training, he called me on the phone and told me he had feelings for me ;) Ever since then, he's been texting, calling, emailing, writing...everything :) I'm so glad I found my other half this early in life and I'm glad that I got rid of "that other guy." He wasn't half the man I thought he was, only a boy not worthy of my time. I love you Robert óż


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