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Harvard master's degree but sad

I met her my last year at community college before I transferred over to a four year college. Stats202, math my most hated subject but I met the woman of my dreams in that class.
She was beautiful. Extremely smart, funny, elegant with a splash of class and she had the cutest smile in the world! I remember it like it was yesterday. She didn’t like to show her teeth when she smiled or laugh and so she would try to cover her mouth when she laughed really hard. I was good at doing that and I loved to make her smile. She was a foreign exchange student here and so I was fighting the inevitable but I didn’t care I had to make her mine. Those three and a half years were some of the happiest moments of my life, we were two peas in a pod and we did everything together. It feels like I’m chasing a dream, wishing that it didn’t have to end and if circumstances were different we could have been together to the end… Well we graduated together and my government denied her H1-B visa to work here and she didn’t want to go but she couldn’t stay. So she returned to her country and through her family she was able to obtain a very prestigious position in her country and a big step forward for her career.
That year when she left, I was a broken man, I had nothing and she was there by my side all the time. My father passed away, grandma broke her hip at McDonalds, mother was suffering from panic attacks/depression and I was struggling to find a job so I could support my family. I couldn’t ask her to stay; there were too many hardships that I didn’t want her to go through… At the time we still talked every day online and I decided to visit her a few months after she returned home. We met up in Hong Kong for vacation because I really really missed her and I wanted to ask her to marry me.
We had a fantastic time together and I wanted to pop the question but she seemed so happy to be back home with all her friends, family, familiar surrounding and great job… I couldn’t offer her the same; it’s just me in the States… So the last day finally came and we were in front of her gate at the airport. I told her I loved her and she said the same, we kissed and hugged and parted ways… Silent was the flight back home, tears in my eyes, while staring at the ring I didn’t give.
After that I worked really hard to improve my financial stability with a dream that I can provide a better life than she has in her country so she could come back to the States. Now I’m well off, I have two houses, obtaining my master’s degree from Harvard and have a good career but she’s with someone else and on the other side of the world. I always thought if you let someone go and if they come back it, it was truly meant to be but things rarely happen the way you imagine it. I was foolish to think that she wouldn’t have wanted to stay with me and missed my chance. I want her to know that I still am in love her and as long as she’s happy then I am happy… just wish it was here with me. Take care my love; I hope I meet you again one day and we could pick it up where we left off.


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