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There he was, sitting across from me, with the other earbud from my ipod in his ears listening to a love song with me. It was our first lunch together as coworkers. I was having a rough day at work and he took notice and asked me to lunch to brighten my day. We both had a passion for music and food so it was the perfect set up for unexpected romance. As the song played on and the emotions from the singer went from somber to powerful, I gazed across the table into his beautiful baby blue eyes staring at me with the gentlest look. I felt the rush of chemistry run through me like a lightning bolt and I stopped the music suddenly. He smiled and said, “Wow that was like a movie moment.” Every day after that, we met for lunch, but just as friends. Neither of us showed our true feelings yet, but one day, I got news that my step-father passed away suddenly. My life changed forever that Thursday. The next day, I asked if I could come over to his place after work and to get away from everything. At first it was like two friends hanging out together, but something came over me and I leaned in and kissed him gently, embracing his face in my hands. We knew from that moment, our lives were no longer going to be shared as friends. Two years have passed and we still meet for lunch every day, sometimes at the same restaurant we first dined together..and we still kiss each other like it’s the first time. We are each other’s best friend and we never forget the reasons we first fell for each other.


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