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We will see

Well I met zack when I was fourteen. I'm now seventeen and he's about to be twenty. When we first started dating it was a normal highschool crush. I really fell for him though and we got to the point of I love yous. He had some friends from before we had met.and long story short he had come to grow crushes on them about a year into our relationship. It basically crushed me inside. There were three of these so called friends. And he went threw periods where he crushed on each. But time after time I took the pain after all the things he would say to them that just about killed me inside. We have been together two years now and all of that has passed but it still bothers me everyday. I often throw it all in his face durring fights. Although he swears he's changed and only loves me and still wants to be with me I just can't let it all go.I don't know if I should belive someone can just change like that. I know he would do anything for me but I just can't let the past go. I still love him with all my heart. And he is still my bunny. =] I just wish all these girls wouldn't text my boyfriend. it really makes me sad. But if he really loves me now then hopefully he will never but me threw that kind of pain agin. I guess well see.


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