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If I had said yes

I love him. I always have. I've known him since we were little kids. Crushes, secrets, etc. That's how it was. But then his friend liked me. And he thought I liked his friend. Even I thought I did.

But I realized I've been in love with him for almost 6 years.

Once, i said "If my life were a movie, because we are best friends, we'd end up together." I'm random like that. I said it dismissively, and didn't think he'd take me seriously. But he looked into my eyes and asked if I wanted that to happen.

And I lied. To my best friend.

I told him of course not. And he said "Good. That would be weird." Each word stinging me deeply. So now he loves someone else.

And I'll never know what he would've done if I had said yes.


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