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Just a fool

I was 9 when first I saw him. He was there, wash his hands and when I saw him for the first time in my life, I'm in love. He's my senior in elementary & junior high school, 2 years older than me.
Then when I was 13, I met him and lucky that he knows my name (for my friends always teased me in front of him). I am trying to show him, to tell him what's on my mind. My true feeling. But I guess he never know.
8 years has passed since that day. However, my feelings and affection was still. I wont call it love; for it wasn't love if he don't feel the same way like I do. I don't even know what this feeling called.. but the only thing I know that he was so meant to me. I'm not waiting, for he probably doesn't know that I am exist.
I'm just a fool.


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