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Middle School Romance

It started out in the middle of seventh grade. I had just become the target of the popular girls bullying and my boyfriend was in HongKong(cheating on me I would later learn). Then one day I met this boy. Just this average boy who never said a word just listened. I'd known him almost two years now but never noticed him. As the months wore on we grew close but never crossed that friend line. Pretty soon we were up all night talking but at school he couldn't talk to girls. (yes, one of those boys). Then when my previous relationshp ended he started dating my bestfriend. A few days later they ended their online relationship and I was there to help him and he helped me. We became eachothers crutches through our hard times. And eventually he professed that he liked me but would just be another boy. We began to fight off and on about my being good for him and decided to stay friends but then summer came. Everything changed the day that summer started, it was like we could be who we really wanted. From that moment on we were inseperable but always saying we wouldn't date because Middle School Relationships are doomed from the start. But it quickly became more then an attachment. Chatting on the phone for hours quickly turned to long walks and the words "I love you" were shared. When school started it was like nothing had happened between us at school but out we were just as firey as ever. Eventually we made it public and about 9 months later we broke up. Not being able to stay apart or forget the nights we spent on the phone or the words that were said we continued hanging out, even though I was crushed and he was unsure. Eventually we couldn't stay away from eachother any longer. It's been for months from that day and now it's about to be our offical one year. We always said that middle school romances are doomed from the start and I'm thinking he might be right. I love him more then I could ever imagine and he says the same for me. But it feels as if we are married and just in our safe place. The excitment is gone and we no longer go to the same school. Everyone asks "Why are you still with him?", and the only answer I can give is because I love him. We've talked about haveing super cool rockstar/super hero children, and being together until the end of highschool. It seems like all of our plans have changed but my feelings remain. I need to be reasured he feels the same because after all this was just a Middle School Romance.


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