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have u ever heard of impossible love? well this is the kind of love i had for a guy. he was younger than me and had a girlfriend, we started to hang out together a friends, this is all i wanted since i didn't believe in love. he lives outside the country and travels down here for summer vacations everything seemed great till the day he told me he had a crush on me, the worst thing is i had a crush on him too, days went by really fast and before i could even notice it he traveled back home. suddenly i find myself drowning in my bitterness and fallin into tears. yes i loved him and winter went by painfully and slowly like swolowing a knife, as every mounth passed i wrote him a letter a letter which i never sent. i cried my heart out till i had no more tears left, i screwed every relationship i made because i was visualizing him the whole time when i was with any boyfriend of mine. finally summer came back, so did he. i couldnt keep my eyes off him, nor my hands , nor my lips, nor my heart. yea i fell for him more as we kissed, as we talked, as we held hands. but was it real? no it wasnt? did he like me? no he didnt! i guess i was just a summer fling. and how did i find out about it? he totaly flirted with my bestfriend. how did i take it? i laughed out loud as i remembered all the love letters i wrote that went for nth, all the nights i spent awake waiting for him to crawl into my bed and hold me in his arms though i knew that he couldnt. i guess life's fair unlike some people could think, u always get what u deserve all u have 2 do is wait. i waited and i got what i deserved, the love i always wanted.


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