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Hazel eyes

Jenny’s throat tightened as she approached the dressing room door. The young dancer coughed, a conspicuous “Ahem!” just loud enough to alert Anna’s attention. “Come in”, replied Anna, and Jenny popped her head around the open door. A sweet smile played on Anna’s lips. Jenny’s throat felt so dry, she couldn’t even speak. At 16, this was her dream come true, to perform with her ballet group in the local pantomime, Peter Pan. And now she had the chance to meet Anna, the actress playing Peter. Jenny had long admired Anna’s work, but never thought they would come to meet like this. Composing herself, Jenny began: “I – er – just brought you some lunch, Anna.”
“Mmmm, it looks lovely!” Anna grinned, and Jenny slipped into the dressing room carrying her tray of chicken sandwiches and lemonade. She set the tray down and smiled shyly at her idol. “Thanks Jenny!” grinned Anna. “There’s lots there – come and sit down and eat!” Jenny had deliberately brought two glasses and enough food for two, in the hope of sharing lunch with Anna. But now, she felt too nervous to stay and eat! Anna was dressed in nothing but a bright green leotard. She looked simply stunning. Jenny just froze in fear. Anna patted the chair beside her. “Come on, it’s time for some relaxation before the dress rehearsal!” Jenny quietly came and sat down. Anna offered her a sandwich and she took a small bite. She gazed at the tiny elfin figure sitting beside her in green, and could hardly believe that this was actually a 35-year-old woman. She could easily pass for a young boy, which made her the perfect choice for the role she was playing. But she was only 10 years younger than Jenny’s mother, for goodness sake! The thought made Jenny feel nauseous. Yet Anna didn’t look anything like Jenny’s mother. Not surprising really, Jenny thought, that after bearing 3 children her Mum should look a little more... well, dumpy... or frumpy... Jenny felt ashamed again, this time for the rather unflattering way she was thinking of her beloved Mum. None of this made any sense. “So how’s the dance routine coming along?” Anna asked her, taking a sip of lemonade.
“Great”, smiled Jenny. “It’s really coming together now, we’ve got all the moves sorted out and everyone knows what they’re doing!”
“Good for you!” smiled Anna, leaning back in her chair. “I remember my first performance like it was yesterday – I was terrified! But it felt fantastic when it all came together! You’re not nervous are you?”
Jenny blushed, knowing the real reason for her nerves. “Er... not too much, no”, she faltered. Jenny’s eyes took in Anna’s small, insignificant bust, her flat stomach and tiny waist. “I was just wondering”, she blurted, “If you were ever a ballet dancer before you started acting”.
“No”, replied Anna, raising her eyebrows in surprise. “I don’t think I’d have the graceful moves for that!” She laughed.
“Oh, I’m sure you would!” blurted Jenny, then quickly tried to explain herself. “Er, I mean, you just... you’re so... slim, and petite, and, well, much more graceful than most women your age!” Jenny wished the floor would open up and swallow her!
Anna smiled a slow, sexy, enigmatic smile. She turned to face Jenny fully, and Jenny noticed how slim her naked legs were, and how small and round her bum looked in the green lycra. Her narrow hips were not remotely child-bearing. “I thought this was meant to be disgusting”, thought Jenny in panic, remembering what her religious father would say about a girl feeling so attracted to another woman. “So why don’t I feel disgusted...?”
“Aw, thanks Jenny”, smiled Anna warmly, putting her hand on Jenny’s knee and causing darts of embarrassment to shoot up Jenny’s leg. Jenny smiled awkwardly. “Well, most women my age have had at least one child by now”, said Anna wryly, keeping her hand on Jenny’s knee. “And... and you haven’t?” squeaked Jenny. “No, not for me!” chuckled Anna, and Jenny noticed how high her cheekbones were when she smiled, and how pretty her hazel eyes. Jenny didn’t need to ask why Anna was childless. She knew. She knew that Anna didn’t like men so much as she liked women. And at that moment, Jenny felt herself cross over from being a child into fully being a woman... a woman who liked women like Anna.
Jenny smiled, this time a more confident, womanly smile. “I don’t think it’s for me either”, she said. “I mean, I love kids but the whole getting married thing? No thanks!” And the two women laughed aloud together, as Anna’s other arm draped around the back of Jenny’s chair. “No, you don’t need a man”, she told her earnestly, squeezing her shoulder. “You’re gorgeous just the way you are, darling.” Jenny felt a flicker of warmth at the way Anna called her ‘darling’, and at that moment she looked up and their eyes met... Jenny was gazing into the most mesmerising pair of hazel eyes she had ever seen. Jenny’s heart thudded within her chest, but this time no longer from nerves. Their lips met gently and tenderly, and Jenny’s fear seemed to melt away.


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