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Flames through the smoke

Its time..for me to really let you go. You've been gone for so long now. Well you can just talk to all the tears i cried over you..all the pain..everything you put me through and everytime you looked me in my eyes and swore you weren't lieing. I loved you with everything, i dreamed of forever with you. I let you in. But its been 2 years now and im tired of being lonely. I gave you everything i had and more..and because of what you did..any guy who tries to steal my heart..cant. Any guy who tries to get close..cant. All this time i've left my window open everytime it rained..secretly hoping you would come in with the rain. But now i cant anymore. Its tearing me apart to give up on someone i love.I dont know if i can ever give my heart away like i did with you. But all i know is..i can remember every touch, kiss, laugh, smile, fight, and making up. You just letting my down..over and over. All the stories people told me..i was warned..but couldnt see the flames through the smoke. All this time your memory has been haunting me..but not anymore. Its time for me to let the last little pieces of you that i've held deep in my set them all free.


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