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School of Hell

joe is type of boy who like preety girls.
most people don't like me because of my ugly face.
my school is a well known for rich children.
so the student in this school are all preety and hansome.

One day when i was at the canteen eating my snack. sundenly a group of boys came near me and i get bully.
just then joe pass by me.
when he saw what had happened' he quickly scolded all of them .
i was shock when he scold them.
at that time i am very confused 'Why he help me?'
this question run through my mind
the other was suprise by his act.
some of his best friend came forward and ask for a reason why he help me.
"I just want to help" that was his answer.
from that day onwards i have a crush on him.
when he was at the class there were many girls looked at him and refuse to pay attention to the lecture at the class. suprisingly he ignored all of them.
joe is also a good basket ball player.
when ever he play basket ball . i watched him from far , so that he did not notice me.
but just one day, he was at where i always stands and watch him play. he was surounded by the girls and he looking left right as if looking for someone .
when he saw me he wave his hand and run towards me.
i was shocked.
"Ana ,tonight are u free?" i nodded my head
"perfect, so can ask u for a dinner?" my first reaction was stared at him.WHAT?HE ASK ME OUT?THAT IS RIDICULOUS! AM I DREAMING? my mind pop out a lot of question.
"hello, do you agree?"
"oh yeah ok 7 pm ok?"
on that night i picked the most lovely dress that i have.
The horn of a car was heard
i quickly when to my gate. i saw aman standing in front of my gate is him ,joe.
he drive me to a restaurant.
this is my first 'DATE'
when we arrived, i was serve as a queen
that feeling was so wonderful
when i enter the restaurant, i saw people dancing like mad.the place just like a club
i just know that our school student were like this.
this was unexpected.becuase of my uglyness they treat my as a yoy.
the throw me eggs,butter,flour,syrup,ice cubes,milk,yogurtand creamy cakes.when i got home my body was disgusting.
as my brother saw me ,he was shocked and quickly told my parents about it.
i went straight to my room and bath for 3 hours.
'why he did not help me?he at the conner of the room sitting a lone and drink a glass wine.he is a BAD guy.
the next morning i was just as usual go to school.the other student laught at me and make fun of me about the event last night.when joe saw me he came forwards to ask for forgiveness. i ignored him ang walk a recess he came again did the same thing.i ask him for the reason for making fun of me"i am sorry !my friend ben and i was playing and i lost. so the punish me to invite u to a party and make fun of you""why don you reject his request?"
there is a big reason for that!!""so because of big reason u treat me as ah exchange!how can u treat me like that!ok i am the uglyest girl in this school, but i still have feeling ok.last night's event had just woke me up,last time i had i crush on you.but because of that event , i would not trust any hansome or pretty peolpe . so good bye . i must leave this school of hell


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