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Slow dancing

i had a crush on this boy for a while now, it werent an insane crush but it wasnt a "who cares crush" well anyway this boy was sam, he was so cute, hot,nice, and so friendly to me.
On a sunday night we both and all my friends went to a party, sorta disco, dj n dancing. Well we danced all night n me n sam talked occasionally during the party but only like "hey havin fun?" Then 10 mins to the end, the dj sed " all you boys out there go find a lucky lady for our slow dance..." everyone waslike "huh ok then" all the boys went round for there girl, i was with my mates the girls, then all of a sudden sam pushes past n takes my hand and pulls me to the dance floor, he held me close n we danced for the rest of the night. then at the end he sed to me "can i tell you somethin" i sed sure "i like u really bad will you go out with me?" i was so happy!:P i was amazed and sed yes! :P without him saying somethin else he came in and we kissed, not a peck but a KISS! it was the best night of my life, but i could of done without the dj's announcement of the new couple makin out :P but it was worth it :P


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