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We had this school project, where we would go to a different country and stay in a host family for a week. We went to denmark (europe). I would be staying at a girl's house that week. I had talked to her on msn and was looking forward to meet her. So me and my class took the train from holland (where i live) to denmark. We met a guy in the train, we thought he was danish so me and my friends were saying '' ieuw, he's wearing a white pants! such a turn off'' in dutch. he was laughing. he was dutch! hehe it was very embarresing. back to the story. so when we got in denmark we met our hosts. I went looking for the girl i had to stay with. But she was sick. so i had to stay at a different place. I went to my teacher and asked where i had to stay now. ''Well melanie, you can stay with Mark''. (my name is melanie) i was like'' Mark? but thats a boy's name'' my teacher laughed at me and introduced me to mark (alex a litlle boy in my class, also had to stay with mark, so i wasnt aloné''. Mark looked at me weirdly. I already didnt like him because he was making stupid jokes with the guys in my class. i found him a typical macho man. Then the 3 of us (alex, me and this mark boy) walked to his parents car. Mark suddenly started telling me a story about his litlle brother from 3 years old. i was smiling at him politely but i found him strange. the first day went by quick and his parents and little brother were very friendly. and i started becoming friends with alex. day 2 also went by without a problem. day 3 his dad took us to the beach. alex and mark were skidding rocks across the water, while i was looking for shells. after a few minutes mark came up to me and asked '' what are you doing?'' ... ''trying to find some of these shiny shells'' ... ''why do girls do that? what is the use of shell?'' ...''they dont have a use, its just to have'' i smiled at him. he made a noise that meant oke. he picked up some of this big shiny shells and walked to alex. ''wanna know something alex?'' he said. it looked funny. litlle alex next to tall mark. alex said yes. mark showed him the shells. ''this is a great gift to give to a girl you like'' alex said oke. hehe i think alex thought like: wtf, why is he telling me this. then mark walked next to me ''here, for you'' hehe i found that sweet of him so i thanked him. but i still didnt like him much. so his dad took us home. mark was fooling around with his litlle brother. it was so funny. we started making jokes that night. the last day probably was the most fun. first we got to go shopping with our dutch classmates. so me and the girls enjoyed our shopping tour XD hehe. after that mark and some other danish people had planned to go bowling. not everybody was there but it was a fun group. so we bowled. mark was doing crazy things with his friends and alex and i made weird pictures XD. then i had to throw the ball. mark was cheering me on. hehe it was fun. then we had to go home to get our stuff for the bbq, at some field with lake, that evening. but my friend had to go with us because she couldnt find her danish person. so we had a problem there. because marks litlle brother was in a kiddy-seat in the backseat of the car. and we had to fit 4 other people in. so my friend took the front seat. i went to sit next to his litlle brother, so i was sitting in the middle, mark sat next to me, and alex had to lay on our laps. it was crowded but fun. when we got home again we went on the trampoline. Mark, Alex, kamilla (my friend) and I. so we jumped. then alex lay down on the trampoline and mark started jumping very hard, wich made alex fly into the ear. Alex was laughing so hard. all of us were. then suddenly Alex yelled ''im shitting my pants! im shitting my pants'' alex farted. the rest of us were like ''IEUWWWWW!!'' so mark and i jumped of the trampoline and thought we were save. but than we saw his dog eating his own shit. we looked at eachother with disgusted looks on our faces. hehe but we smiled. then we hear alex ''Im shitting my pants!!'' it was so hilarious! XD and kamilla had been sitting far away from the trampoline. hehe. we went jumping again. after we made alex promise not to fart again. thats when mark stole my necklace. (long with fake pearls) i chased him through the whole backyard to get it back. i almost had it, but than kamilla and alex helped mark. grrr... it was time to go to the bbq. mark was wearing my necklace. he wore it all evening long. at the bbq he went with his friends and i went with mine. i was running around and having fun giggling all the time. after we ate we had to go kanoeing (boats) i was in 1 kano with 2 girls. we were having so much fun, but than our kano tipped over and we were all wet. but we were laughing. so at the end i had to sit wet in the frontseat of the car. i was shivering all the while. i laughed when mark tried getting me warm with his hands. back home we drank warm chocolate and ate chocolate cake. i wanted to go shower first but his mom said that i was dry so i could take some hot coco and cake first. but i smelled terrible like lake. hehe. i sat between mark and alex on the coach. they made jokes about it. like me smelling like fish and than it was dead fish. after a while i smelled like a zombie fish that was peed on by a dead drowned cat and was run over by a truck wich had made his organs splash everywhere. :/
after i took a shower i sat between the boys again. his parents said '' we go upstairs, we have to be up early tomorow'' and alex went upstairs to take a shower. so me and mark stayed on the coach to watch some tv. he kept on poking me with the remote-control. i tried getting my necklace back. but instead he gave me his. so i asked him to learn me some danish. first he learned me ''jeg elsker dig'' wich means i love you. then he learned me how to say, i kiss you and i love it. we made some jokes and then he said ''im bringing you to bed now litlle child'' i laughed and let him bring me. he fell on my bed and said goodnight. i laughed at him and pushed him off. he walked to the door ''No goodnight kiss'' he said. i answered ''not?'' it was just a joke but he said ''you can have one?'' thats when he walked over to me and gave me a peck on my lips. he smiled and slowly walked to the door. ''sweet dreams'' he said softly. the next morning he told me to write down my email adress, we took his litlle brother to daycare and then we had to leave denmark and go back to holland. he still had my necklace and i still had his. we hugged and said goodbye. nothing special. that same night, when i got home, i checked my mail because i had been away for along time. this is what i found (this is the exact same mail i got) ''hey melanie.
its mark from denmark. its whas a wery good time with you. you are a wery nice girl. i like you a lot. do you have messenger. hey thanks for the kiss it whas good hehe.<3''
it made me smile. he had send it so fast. hihi. he asked me to be his and i said yes. he told me it was love at first sight. i told him my part of the story. he laughed at it and told me that he was acting like that so that the boys would like him. but he said that i had showed him to be himself again. we are still happy with eachother and still going strong. its been 4 months. he has been here with his class and he stayed at my place. we had fun and we kissed alot. hehe. the distance is killing me, but i know his feelings are true and mine also.


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