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I was a 10 yrs. old when we had met with my first love b4 i was inlove with he gave one red rose and said just us friend but when it was already valentines day i saw him buying three red roses and one balloon with I LOVE YOU on it so when i arrive in our classroom his friend gave me it and said it was from him then my classmates was shouting and teased me. When get inside in our classroom i was blushing and I can't explain what i was feeling, he was feeling the same 2. then a year later we were grade 5 already i thought it was still a crush but days passed i was already inlove then he courted me but i refused and said no 2 him so courted another girl but i feel guilty coz i really really love him. During our grade 6 years both of us still love each other but until there only coz he won't court me anymore coz he don't want to b busted anymore.When we graduated he asked my YM but i didn't gave him so he got mad. I'm already 1st year but still we both love each other then when he knew that i had another he got angry and was discourage so he courted another girl but i was not jealous wen i first knew coz i know i hurt him so much so now they broke up but still i want 2 b hi now one and only but i don't think so it would happen coz i think he don't luv me anymore and now every night im always crying and praying that those happy times we've been 2gether would come back . IWILLALWAYSLOVEYOUTILLTHEEND


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