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Before i have no idea who he is. I mean, we do see each in school but i dont pay attention to him and he's my senior. One day my friend texted me that one of his classmates was having a crush on me. By that time i was obsessed with another guy so i didnt gave attention. The guy that has a crush on me started making friends and started texting me.
He was there when i encountered alot of problems in my life. The guy i was obsessed with left me for he returned to his ex girlfriend. One night i have to print something at the computer shop. It was already late at night and he came with me. That first time we went out together. The first time that we talked in person. By that night i fell in his eyes. The way he speaks, the way he walks and the way he smiles.. I fell so deeply inlove with him. We were so happy that night saying corny jokes and sharing things. The day after..i felt weird, something's wrong. Something changed. With no reason he stayed away from me. Just by the time that im already inlove with him. I asked him a favor. I asked him to meet me at the place where we first went out. I wanted to clear things up. I wanted to know the reason. I wanted to know if he cares. It was raining and im sick but im really desperate to see him. After four hours under the rain..he didn't arrived. His friend texted me and said that He was just sleeping. I waited for four hours under the rain, and he was just sleeping. Now, i know the answer. I got what i want. All those times i was asking myself if he cares for me...i got the answer " he doesn't ".
I asked him to talk to me because i wanted to prove him how much i love him and even if he didn't's alright atleast i proved MYSELF how much i love him.


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