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I started texting him one afternoon and we talked for FIVE hours nonstop. We didnt talk again for weeks and thats how it went untill school let out. He and i started talking more and more. Soon we were talking everyday and hanging out. He had a gf and loved her so we just hung out as friends. One night we were talking and i told him i liked him and he said the same thing. Nothing changed between us but he and his gf were having problems. The last month of summer we had a huge fight but we got over it and were good friends again. We were talking on the phone and laughing and i realized i loved him. I didnt say anything to him tho. So he and his gf broke up the first month of school and we got even closer as friends. One day when we were hanging out and he leaned over and kissed me. He sat back in his chair and said "i love u". I just smiled and said "ive loved u". He just laughed and hugged me. We have been going strong for two years now.


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