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He is my destiny

Hisnsister and I have been best friends forever. It's one of those friendships that lasts the ages; one of those things that most people can only wish to have in their lifetime. He was just her little brother.

He's four years my junior. I had never looked at him like anything other than my best friends brother. When we were around 12 or 13, so he was 8-9, he told me he was going to marry me! I thought it was really cute and my friend and I laughed about it.

When I was 20, and he was 16, he was still interested. But no longer was he the scrawny little brother. He was on his way to becoming a handsome young man. I was completely flattered (and secretly interested) but he was too young for me.

Now I'm 24 and he's 20. He's had one serious girlfriend who didn't treat him right, and now he's with another who's a good person, but she's not good enough. When he figures that out, I'll be here for him. When he decides he's ready for me, or maybe that I'm ready for him, I'll be here.

I love him. I can see it in his eyes that he feels for me too. After his breakup we kissed, and I haven't kissed another man since. I've kissed enough men before to compare; nothing blows your mind like a kiss from a man you love.

When we dance there is no awkwardness. We read each others bodies perfectly, move together like beautiful couples in old movies. I never thought it could really be like that. There's sparks in our eyes, and when he smiles at me, my stomach flutters like nervous butterflies. And whenever he takes my hand, he squeezes it gently so I know he cares.

When he was 8 years old, he told me he was going to marry me. I don't know if he's forgotten but I haven't. I will wait for him because I love him. Because he is my destiny.

And I am his.


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