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Someone's love?

When I was in 6th class, I met this guy who was very cute and every girl liked him. I became his best friend as we used to sit together and share everything with each other. After few years I realized I am in love with him, but I could not tell him that because every other girl in the school had crush on him and I didn't want him to think of me as one of those girls. When we were in 12th class I told him how I felt. His answer was, "we are amazing as best friends, let it be". He was single and I hoped one day he will realize how much I love him and he might feel the same for me. 2 years later I moved to US, still I was in love with him. I never thought of anyone else because I had faith on my love. I knew my love was true and one day he will love me too. After 2 years on being in US one day he told me he found someone. I was shattered. I didn't know what to do, who to talk to. He was my best friend, but then he was my love too. I was happy for my best friend, but my love was lost forever.
I tried to move on. After few months I met someone. As soon as he came into my life, it was so easy for me to move on. When we both met, we both were looking for our someone special. He got out of a relationship few months back. We became friends instantly. It was like we knew each other forever. We talked day and night. We became very close emotionally. After few months I asked him if he sees us going somewhere. He said its too early to say anything lets see. After almost a year one day we were talking and I asked him something and he said, "I have loved only one person in my life and that is my ex. If she comes back to me tomorrow, I will be with her."
I knew for some reason this was coming. For sometime he had been mentioning her once in a while. I could feel the pain and love in his voice, but I never asked because I was scared what if it will be true. Now I am alone again struggling to get on with life. I have so many guys around me, but for everyone I am their "best friend". Sometimes I feel God has sent me to be friends with everybody, but will I ever be someone's love?


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