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Imagine love

Well, I met a friend back in HS that showed me respect. I am not an ugly guy - I could say, but she was a gorgeous girl. Years later Facebook re-introduced us and WHY did i fall in LOVE. This is the story of "Imagine Love" in my heart.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Las Vegas. It was me and some of my friends from my neighborhood and the gorgeous girl and her friends. She doesn't know that i have falling for her through pictures, but when she had a chance to see who i really was and i got to see who she really was- i instantly fell in love. She was perfect for me, she is daring, exciting, fun, gorgeous and she could make me laugh like noone i have ever been with.

My life i have dated and "supposedly" i love her for 8 years , imagine love in the weirdest places like Facebook and understand that love finds its ways into the hearts of many- including mine. I had the best time of my life in las Vegas 2009 and i did it with someone who loves the world as i love the world.

The problem is she is currently in love with someone else. I have loved and looking for someone like her. Will it ever happen- I am almost sure it will, so Imagine Love and Love will Imagine you.

Thanks Jocelyn for reintroducing me to the word "Love".



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