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ok, i had been liking this guy for a whle and was hoping he felt the same bt i figured why wuld he eva hav feelings for me well anyways we were on our way back frm a football game (were in band) and we were sitn togetha and outa no wher he said u kno ive liked u for a whle, my heart lik stoped i was sooo hapy then we strted to snuggle up to each other and i was layn in the bus sit wot him and hez jus staring into my eyes and im jus lik hipnotized the he leans in and kisses me and nt jus lik a peck this was a passionate long amazing kiss tht i can stil remember perfectly to this day afta tht kiss he puts my hair behind my ear and says "will you go out with me" of course i said yes and now a year and a half later were stil togetha and in crazy love i hope it neva ends.....=D


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